Christmas with the Chorale is almost here!

What you may not know as an audience member is that the gentle soul conducting the Chorale is a real treasure and we are not the only ones to think so. On October 3, 1990, when East and West Germany celebrated their reunification, the official festivities began with an ecumenical service in the Marienkirche in East Berlin. Attendance was by invitation only; only heads of state and politicians from around the world were invited. It was Christian Grube’s choir that was invited to perform!


Shadowbrook Fundraiser

Where can you experience an unforgettable evening by riding a cable car to the front door of the restaurant, have great food and drink with wonderful friends, and support one of the premier chorale groups in the area?

  1. Moulin Rouge, Paris 
  2. State Grill and Bar, Empire State Building, NY
  3. Ebenalp Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli, Switzerland
  4. Shadowbrook Restaurant, Capitola

Answer: 4. Shadowbrook!


A Chorister's thoughts on magic

The second half of our April concert consists of one piece only. Psalm 42 by Felix B. Mendelssohn. It’s brilliant programing. After all the power, glory and majesty of Haydn’s Mass in Bb Major, the second half begins with a single soft melodic line which translates: As the stag screams out for fresh water, so my soul, oh God, screams out to you. By Rosella Crawford-Bathurst


Favorite Words

We take to some words for the way they roll off the tongue; others for the thing they describe. Juxtapose has enjoyed rolling off my tongue from time to time ever since I first heard it in Mrs. Curcio’s sixth grade classroom. Yesterday, it came to me as I contemplated what to write for this post. “Why,” I thought, “would Christian juxtapose Haydn’s Harmoniemesse with choruses from Mendelssohn’s Elijah?” By Lois Van Buren, Alto



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